A preliminary export plan has shown that Angola are set to export slightly less in January 2017 than what is expected to be exported in December 2016


De Da tug boat off the Benguela Belize oil platform. (Image source: BoH/Commons)

Angola plan to export 1.61mbpd in January 2017 according to a preliminary report. This is a slight reduction from the plan to export 1.65mbpd in December 2016.

Most of the reduction comes from the Cabinda, CLOV and Saturno grades which are each being reduced by one cargo each. In December 2016, 53 cargoes are planned, but this is to be reduced to 52 scheduled the following month. However, it is important to add that two additional cargoes were added later to the December export plan after the preliminary report, so it is possible that this may change.

According to Reuters, the programme does not include Palanca or Gimboa, two grades which are not exported each month.

Egypt Oil and Gas Newspaper have reported that Angola have become China largest crude oil supplier for the second month running (August and September), knocking Russia off of the top spot. The average export to China in September 2016 was 1.02mbpd.

Source: oilreviewafrica.com


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