JOHANNESBURG  – A request for proposals was issued on Monday for the audit of rough diamond stockpiles in the rehabilitating Central African Republic (CAR).

A key condition is that the audit be conducted under the supervision of the Kimberley Process monitoring team to ensure full transparency.

A requirement is that it must be done in accordance with criteria set forth in the Kimberley Process’ operational framework agreement as well as the administrative annex on resumption of exports from CAR.

The selected auditor will be expected to report to the Kimberley Process’ monitoring team on results in a written report.

Proposals must be sent to the Administrative Support Mechanism of the Kimberley Process at before January 15 next year.

The United Nations had reported that landlocked CAR has for years experienced one of the most silent and forgotten emergencies in the world.

The government has had little presence or control outside the capital after years of instability and a history of frequent coups and mutinies.

CAR’s recent history of conflict has seen ongoing mistrust between religious communities.

The French forces that have helped to stabilize the war-torn region are steadily departing.

Source: Mining Weekly.

Source: Mining Weekly


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