ABUJA—The National Assembly, has rejected the subsidy and tariff hike proposed by the power operators and the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC.

The Senate Committee on Power announced the rejection of the proposal when it’s Chairman, Senator Ben Bruce led the members on oversight function to the commission in Abuja.

The committee described the lack of power supply and demand for increase in tariff or subsidy as factor of monopoly created in the power sector.

Briefing newsmen shortly after the meeting, Senator Bruce said, “What I don’t want is for us to leave NEPA as a monopoly and create other monopolies with GENCOs or DISCOs and that is what we have had. Instead of having government monopoly, we now have monopoly in the private sector.

“For instance, if you want power in Benin, it is not that you have an option. There is only one Disco in Benin, only one Disco in Lagos, only one DISCO in Abuja. You don’t have other DISCOs to compete with, you only have one.

“So, if they tell you the rate is N100, it is N100 that is my problem. Two, if there is going to be an increase, I am familiar with increase of 3%, 5% annually. I am not favour as a Nigerian citizen of a 200 percent increase, the same way I am not in favour of a 200 percent increase in petroleum or any product.

“Nigerians are suffering enough and because Nigerians are suffering, I cannot in good conscience say to the average consumer of power in the village you are going to have a 300 percent increase and the argument they make is that it is the only way there would be power.”

Source: Vanguard


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