At its meeting in Addis Ababa, a senior official from the Africa Union (AU), confirmed that plans were in the works that would have the organization implementing a regulation strategy for the African electricity market. Speaking at a press briefing, the AU’s Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, Elham Ibrahim, said that the union has developed a strategy and action plans that will be undertaken at the national, regional and continental level to ensure the development of the regional electricity markets.

The framework is expected to be approved by the energy ministers in Africa by March, and should take effect in the next three years.

The framework is expected to help create a “robust economic regulation,” according to the commissioner.

“The development of the energy, transport and ICT sectors is the biggest priority in the infrastructure sector development in the continent since it will help facilitate trade, economic cooperation and regional integration amongst member states,” Ibrahim said.

According to the AU agenda 2063, plans have been tabled to ramp up efforts concerning financial and technical support for member states to improving energy access as well as ensuring energy security through the development of renewal and conventional energy systems.

The New Times reported that the plan is looking at facilitating regional and continental clean power generation and transmission projects and develops guidelines and policies to accelerate energy transitions.

Source: Alternative Energy Africa


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