Khartoum  – The Minister of Minerals, Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Sadiq Al-Karuri has received an official invitation from his Canadian counterpart Jim Carr to participate in the World Summit of the Ministers of Minerals and attend the World Forum on Mining and Development, which is held annually in Toronto with the participation of mining specialists experts representing different mining investment private and government sectors as well as a number of universities and scientific research centers from all over the world and the companies working in the field of mining techniques.
This came during a meeting at his office Sunday with the Canadian Ambassador in Khartoum Salahuddin bin Dawood, in the presence of the Deputy Director of Eastern and Southern Africa Department at the Canadian Foreign Ministry Matthew Lukin.
The Canadian ambassador stressed his country’s desire to encourage Canadian companies operating in the mining field to invest in minerals in Sudan.
For his part, the Minister of Minerals welcomed the invitation and affirmed Sudan participation in the forum, adding that its participation in the event this year in particular comes in better conditions after the partial lifting of US economic sanctions on Sudan, which was hindering the flow of American and Canadian capital to invest in minerals in Sudan, adding that he expects occurrence of development by taking advantage from the mineral resources by the flow of American and Canadian investment to the mineral sector in Sudan.

Source: Sudan News Agency


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