Chief Executive: Republic of Congo Good Place for Oil Professionals to Work

The Republic of Congo has been branded as a good place for oil and gas professionals to work, according to Anglo African Oil & Gas plc (AAOG) Chief Executive, Alex MacDonald.

“One of the majors, who have a major offshore development, have an expatriate population of 5,000 families [in the country], and that’s growing at a rate of about 1,000-1,500 a year,” MacDonald told Rigzone.

The Chief Executive, who has more than 30 years of experience in investment banking, engineering and oil and gas, even went as far as saying that the country was rapidly becoming the Aberdeen of Sub-Saharan West Africa.

“It has a deepwater port, it’s got a number of deepwater offshore developments going on at the moment, and there is a very good pool of people,” he said.

AAOG owns Petro Kouilou S.A, which has a 56 percent interest in the country’s Tilapia oil field. AAOG plans to complete a three well workover program on the asset within the next few months.


Source: Rigzone



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