Energy is the most notable investment sector in

For decades, the residents of Rwaza sector, living next to River Mukungwa have had to contend with electricity transmission lines pass overhead to Kigali but not to their premises.

Their prospects for electric lighting began to look up with the breaking of ground on June, for the 2.6MW Rwaza-Muko Hydro power I station, whose construction is supposed to be completed in July 2018.

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The mini hydro power is expected to generate 2.6MW in the first phase while another 1.5MW extension is planned under the second phase.

Projected to cost $13 million, the power station will light up 120,000 households in the Musanze district.

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According to Minister for Infrastructure James Musoni, the project is being developed under a turn-key contract, where the government will only pay for the power produced by the three contractors — ResponsAbility, Renewable Energy Holding (rAREH), Frontier Energy and DC Hydropower —who will build, own, operate and maintain the plant.

Launch of the 2.6MW mini hydro power plant is the latest effort by the government to increase energy supply.

“I cannot say that we will be having 1,000MW by 2018, but there will be no power shortage either. What we are trying to do is to match the demand and supply progressively,” Mr Musoni said at the ground breaking ceremony.

He added: “Currently we don’t have a shortage, but neither should we have redundant power, so we need to match both demand and supply.”

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Source: Rwanda Today


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