The government of Zambia unveiled a pipeline of Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) projects worth $22 billion and covering multiple sectors including energy, transport, agriculture, real estate and health. Experienced international investors are invited to partner with qualified and reputable Zambian investors to develop the projects. Investors can submit both solicited and unsolicited proposals through a dedicated PPP Unit established in State House to expedite decision-making.

A government delegation led by Christah Kalulu, Permanent Secretary at State House, and Keeta Shisholeka, Acting Director of the PPP Unit, were in London last week to market the projects and meet with prospective investors.

The key renewable energy project in the PPP pipeline is the 2,400 MW Batoka Gorge which would provide power for both Zambia and Zimbabwe. Infrastructure for the dam wall will cost approximately $10 billion with power stations on both the Zimbabwe and Zambia sides of the Zambezi River. The Zambian power station and accompanying infrastructure will be procured as a PPP and has completed the feasibility stage.

Speaking at the inaugural Financing African Infrastructure conference, Kalulu highlighted Zambia’s track record of peace and stability, adherence to the rule of law and explained key regulatory provisions shaping the operating environment.

With core sectors such as agriculture driving projected economic growth levels of 3.9% in 2017, Zambia’s goal is to enhance productivity through targeted transport and energy projects in order to boost domestic and regional trade, create jobs and enhance development impact for citizens. International airports will deliver increased farming output to new markets, railways and roads will open up cross-border trading throughout the region, while solar and hydro-electric energy will power local industry across the value chain.

Source: Alternative Energy Africa


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