Pipeline Professionals’ Association of Nigeria (PLAN) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Energy & Corporate Africa to partner in the organization of Nigeria International Pipeline Technology & Security Conference (NIPITECS 2017) scheduled for September 13 -14, 2017 at Nicon Luxury Abuja, Nigeria. The conference entails technical sessions, panel sessions, exhibiting and networking.

According to Engr, Geoff Onuoha, Chairman of Pipeline Professionals Association of Nigeria, we are glad to enter into this agreement with Energy & Corporate Africa which has proven experience in organizing quality conferences, rich in contents and always have experts and industry heavy weights as speakers. It is also an indication of the role of our association in promoting local content.

Engr. Onuoha, went further to say that Nigerian International Pipeline Technology and Security Conference – NIPITECS will showcase pipeline technology and security investment opportunities in Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa and its integration with the global market.

This conference presents a platform for learning, gaining insight, sharing knowledge and networking among policy makers, operators, investors, banks and governments to harmonize relationship and investment opportunities.

The conference will highlight the challenges and through expert presentations will proffer solutions on pipelines and allied infrastructural development in the region through E & P project updates, design, engineering, technology, innovations, economics, asset integrity, HSE, geology, sub-sea engineering, supply chain, procurement, project funding, contracts, legal framework, security, community relations, and local content .

Sir Sunny Oputa, chief executive officer of Energy & Corporate Africa, also expressed their joy to partner with PLAN to organize NIPITECS 2017 as a testimony of the trust of Pipeline Professionals Association in the creativity, ingenuity and quality of events produced by us. Accordingly to him, we appreciate this opportunity to join this great association in blazing another landmark in Nigeria, the number one crude oil producer in the region.

Oputa emphasized that pipelines have remained vital network in the transportation of crude oil and natural gas from well head to storage and for various utilizations: domestic, commercial and inter-regional distributions. In Oputa’s explanation, since the first time in the world that bamboo was used in China to transport crude oil from production points, pipelines have continued to be the significant bridge between upstream, midstream and downstream. It has helped to ease transportation and distribution of products domestically and regionally, reduce cost, enhance safety, ensure operational efficiency in the supply chain and energize socio-economic development.

In fact, pipelines as essential infrastructure in every producing nation have been dubbed “Pipeline of wealth and economic buoyancy”. This depicts its extreme importance in the oil and gas value chain.

​Among the companies participating in NIPITECS 2017 are: Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Department of Petroleum Resources, Shell Nigeria Limited, OilServ, B.G. Technical, Pipelines Pigging & Accessories Ltd, Topline, Brentex Petroleum and others.

Source: OilVoice


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