Sierra Leone: Lucara gets almost $18M for fragment of its massive ‘Ledesi La Roma’ diamond

In total, it fetched almost $55 million in its first diamond sale of the year. Canada’s Lucara Diamond (TSX:LUC), the company that hit the jackpot in 2015 after finding the world’s second-largest diamond, just got $17.5 million for a piece that broke from that rock, the now historic 1,109-carat “Lesedi La Rona.”
To date, Lucara has sold 145 diamonds for more than $1 million each.

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Lights out: poor governance and Africa’s energy crisis

Young boy doing schoolwork with a lamp                                                                                                                 Photo credit: Solar Aid

Africa is rich in resources and opportunities. In so many fields, however, the continent is yet to hit its stride, often because there is not enough political will to manage resources better and create necessary incentives. Africa’s energy crisis is a prime example. Read more

Ghana, Senegal to share oil experience

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has indicated his preparedness to share the experiences Ghana has gained in the management of its oil and gas resources, since its discovery in 2007, as well as the measures taken to ensure the prudent and effective use of the proceeds from their sale, with Senegal. Read more